Our Mission

We seek to enlarge represented manufacturers and products base through institutionalization of work according to international best standards, having qualified, competent and committed human resources, and providing high quality services to all customers.

Our Vision

The leading and distinctive enterprise in representing manufacturers and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical and other specialized products in Jordan .



It’s a pleasure to announce the Registration of the following products in Jordan. Produced by our principle Companies Chattem & Church and Dwight:

Gold Bond Lotion - Registered during July 2005

Gold Bond Body Powder - Registered during February 2006

Extra Strength Icy Hot Pain Relieving Balm - Registered during June 2006

Pearl Drops Party Sparkle

Pearl Drops Electric - Registered during October 2006

Pearl Drops Holly Wood Smile - Registered during December 2006 

Nair Wax Strips - Registered during September 2007

For more information regarding the new products, please go to the above link titled " Links to Principles"  and follow the company links.